Where is the journal printed? 

The Moments Journal is printed on FSC certified paper by a company in the UK. You can find out more about the paper and printing here.

How many entries does the journal have space for?

The Moments Journal includes an introduction section to help you get the most out of your journaling experience plus some inspiring stories and quotes. There is space for daily journal entries for six months.

I am not sure I will be able to get into the habit of writing in the journal every evening. Do you have any tips? 

Creating positive habits can take time. It is important to not be too hard on yourself – if you forget to fill your journal in and you remember the next day, don’t feel guilty – fill it in there and then if you are at home, and do your best to remember to write in it again in the evening. The important thing is to start again as soon as you can.

We share some practical tips in the journal itself, so you have it available to re-read whenever you need to.

Also, we have created The Moments Journal Online Community for you to have a supportive group of people who will encourage you to keep up your positive journaling habit. Click here to join the community for free.

How long will using the journal take each day? 

This is completely up to you, and could change from day to day. It would be possible to write in the journal for a couple of minutes, but you could also spend 15 minutes thinking and writing. We recommend using the journal in the evening as you get ready to go to sleep. It is important to end your day on a positive note to help yourself have a good night’s sleep. Also getting into the habit of revisiting your day is really useful: it helps you remember the moments you might have forgotten otherwise, and it helps you see what you enjoyed and what could be better for tomorrow.

What makes The Moments Journal different to other journals out there? 

A few things:

  • The Moments Journal helps you see and appreciate the small but special things that happen in your day using carefully chosen questions using empirical studies
  • We have included some positive stories and quotes in the journal to give you an extra boost of inspiration
  • There is space at the bottom of each day to use how you like – doodle, draw, make a list, leave blank. It can be used differently every day, giving you the chance to be creative 
  • We are a social enterprise, any profit we make will be reinvested into Good News Shared.
  • The Moments Journal has been printed on FSC certified paper in the UK

Do you offer a discount for bulk orders?

We offer 20% off the retail price (£15) for orders over 10 units.

Please complete this form to receive a discount code for 20% off for orders of 10+ journals.

Do you deliver internationally?

Yes, we do ship internationally, with very few exceptions. Please note that delivery time frames do not include any delays experienced with customs clearance at the border. Please allow an extra 1-2 weeks for international delivery.

Do I need to pay customs fees or import duties?

All international orders can potentially incur charges such as customs, duties, VAT, etc. upon their arrival in the destination country. These fees are paid to your local carrier or government and are not collected by us. We are unable to advise the amount of what these fees might be and recommend you contact your country’s customs office or tax agent for respective charges and rates on a package coming from outside of your country. At present, we ship from a warehouse in the UK.

Do you have an app for The Moments Journal on iOS and Android?

If enough people want an app we will build one! Let us know if you’d be interested in an app. We will be sure to keep you updated with any news regarding an app via our mailing list.


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