Created by the Founder of Good News Shared, The Moments Journal encourages you to pause, reflect and appreciate the good times from your day. By answering the six carefully chosen questions on kindness, gratitude and good news every evening, research has found that over time you will:

–      Feel happier

–      Remember nice moments from your day you might otherwise have forgotten

–      Feel more optimistic

–      Sleep well

… And much more!

“Cherish all your happy moments; they make a fine cushion for old age.” -Booth Tarkington

The Moments Journal is printed on FSC certified quality paper by a printing company in the UK. Any profit will be reinvested into Good News Shared, helping us continue to highlight positive charitable work being done around the world.

About Good News Shared

Good News Shared features uplifting charitable stories from around the world. A social enterprise, the aim is to give something positive to read (for a change!) and to inspire people to take action and do something kind for others.

About Nisha Kotecha, Creator of The Moments Journal and Founder of Good News Shared

Nisha KotechaNisha Kotecha started the Good News Shared website in April 2014. A BSc Human Psychology graduate, Nisha has long had an interest in human behaviour and motivations. During the past fifteen years Nisha has volunteered and worked for a number of charities in the UK. It was while working for a small national charity supporting isolated older people that Nisha decided to start Good News Shared.

She has created The Moments Journal after realising the importance of recognising positive things in her own day-to-day life and taking the time to pause and write them down.

During a difficult personal time in 2016, Nisha found herself feeling less anxious, more optimistic and more grateful for what she has when she took the time to actively notice, reflect on and appreciate the good things that happen to her and others each day. 

In her work with Good News Shared, Nisha is privileged to be in contact with inspirational people who make a real difference to the world. Many of them have faced tough situations in their lives and yet still manage to find the strength to be positive and help others. Everyone experiences good and bad times in their life- their attitude when responding to them is what matters.

After reading numerous studies and research into happiness, gratitude, kindness and more, Nisha began asking herself six specific questions every night. Realising this could be useful to other people too, Nisha decided to create The Moments Journal.

“The world is full of amazing things. It’s important for our well-being that we take the time to notice and be thankful for them. I hope Good News Shared and The Moments Journal helps people – as it has helped me – see and appreciate more and more of the good things that happen both in their day and in the world in general.”Nisha Kotecha

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