The Jingle-Jangle Girl Children’s Picture Book, by Cathy Fiddy


With her glass half-full and a sunshine smile, The Jingle-Jangle Girl skips along spreading happiness and glee. Join her on her mindful, positive journey as she turns frowns into smiles and find out how she makes the local honeybees laugh! With a sparkle in her eye and a cheeky little laugh, The Jingle-Jangle Girl encourages compassion, empathy and kindness, and is perfect for all children of all ages.


About the author:

Cathy Fiddy loves and teaches mindfulness in schools to children and is studying towards a BSc Hons degree in Psychology, with a specific interest in positive psychology and child psychology. “Mindfulness has so many benefits, after each seven-week programme I deliver in school, I ask each child if they would like to write a few words or draw a picture to show if or how the seven-week mindfulness programme we have shared has helped them.

One child expressed that: ‘Mindfulness has helped me to stop worrying. I will use mindfulness every day of my life from now on’.

Another child said that: ‘Mindfulness has helped me to stop punching my brother’.

Cathy created the The Jingle-Jangle Girl children’s picture book with the dream of making a mindful, positive difference.